Portable Fallout 2 + High Resolution (optional)

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Portable Fallout 2 + High Resolution (optional)

What is this game?

Fallout 2 is a computer role-playing game published by Interplay in 1998. The second game takes place in 2241, 80 years after the first Fallout. It tells the story of the original hero's descendant and his or her quest to save their primitive tribe from starvation by finding an ancient environmental restoration machine known as the "Garden of Eden Creation Kit", or GECK. Although featuring an almost completely new game world, stories, and adventures that are several times larger than its predecessor, the game mechanics from Fallout remain mostly unchanged, with the majority of changes to fix interface issues.


  • Completely portable and leaves no registry entries

  • No CD Check

  • Higher Resolutions!!


This release is currently in beta,
please post bug reports here.

Free Download From The Pirate Bay

Free Download From Mininova

(I cannot seed 24/7, someone please adopt this torrent.)

Download Portable Launcher Only
(If you already have the game installed on your computer, simply download this file. Execute the launcher from a directory (along with the .reg file) of your choice. It will ask for a folder containing your previously installed game. Edit the .reg file to insert your previous serial or adjust any game settings manually, if you wish.)

Credits: Pipeline,
from Underground-Gamer.


zumito said...

I haven't started Fallout 1 yet and you put the second part???? Thanks for destroying my social life :P

Dizdira said...

The game works perfectly... at first. Whenever I try to travel to Klamath the games hangs up.

Anonymous said...

Same here, whenever I travel in the map outside Arroyo, the game crashes.

Hope to see a fix soon, and thanks for this!

Dizdira said...

It seems to happen on the 4 very different PCs I have.
And, yes, thanks for your work. In the meanwhile I´ll play Fallout 1.

Anonymous said...

Same here. game crashes when trying to change location =(

Anonymous said...

I'm also having the same problem.
The error I'm getting is:

The instruction at 00450d7 references memory at 00000064
The memory could not be read from

Click on OK to terminate the application

Anonymous said...

Same problem as the rest of you, crashes as soon as I leave the village :(

Anonymous said...

crashes as well

Milo said...

How? What error? When?

Anonymous said...

crashes on the map after leaving Arroyo.

if this has been fixed - maybe the torrent points still to the old version?

Milo said...

The torrents are correct, they both say "v2" on them.

It could be that you've applied the high-res patch?

Anonymous said...

Could be since I made a lot of stuff on the download trying to make it work. The v2 torrents are already in the q, will definitely let you know after the download.

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way - I bought my car in Italy (Parma) ;)

Anonymous said...

ok, just dloaded and works just great

many thanks, Milo

Wolf said...

This is such a brilliant website. I will definitely keep this game on my USB drive to play. Thank you very much for posting these.

DJAeren said...

Awesome job on this, Milo. Being stuck on a graveyard shift for ten hours doing Tech Support just got a whole lot better! You rock!

teres said...

7zip says the archive is corrupted :(

Milo said...

Your .7z file is corrupted?
Try downloading it again.

If you still have problems post again.

teres said...

I just redownloaded whole, yet 7zip says the archive is corrupted. Do you have any suggestions ?

Milo said...

You seem to be the only person with this problem, so it could be something on your end.

Try updating your 7z to the latest version.
It could be that the file hasn't completely finished downloading.

I'm at a loss for what your problem could be. The file opens fine on my end (with both winrar and 7z) and no one else has said they had this problem. If it helps, my 7z version is 4.60 beta.

teres said...

I just updated 7zip from 4.57 to 4.60Beta and... it worked like a charm :D
Thx for the clue.

Milo said...

I'm very glad!
Enjoy the game!

e said...

v2 seems to work pretty well until I try to enter Gecko (from Vault City), at which time it crashes.

Milo said...

That sounds like a crash from the original game. Try applying killap's patch:


I don't have any hard proof, but this is a good first step. Remeber to back up your saves, just in case.

DGM said...

OK i might be a bit dim but how exactly do i install the hi res patch? When i extract the files i did it inside the folder containing the portable app, all is well, but when i run the hi_res_patcher.exe it says that it is not in the same file as Fallout2.exe; which it isen't beacuse the portable app is called fallout 2 portable.exe. So i renamed the portable app and lo and behold is says "Unreconised data found. Fallout2.exe may not be the correct version the patch has NOT installed. Instillation terminated." Quote unquote. Now i am confused.

Mezek said...

Thx a lot for all this site!

My fallout crashes just after the 'please wait' screen :(

Is it supposed to run on XP?

Milo said...

You might want to rename the exe back the way it was dgm! ;-)
The fallout2.exe is located in the app\Fallout 2 folder.

Yes, the game is supposed to run on xp, and it might on Vista but I can't try it out since I don't have it!

dannystaple said...

Hmm - I tried this out and I am seeing the same crash - as soon as I try to travel outside the village. That update that milo mentions sounds like an earlier version update than the current patched version (with the same author - Killapp). Does anyone know if it helped at all?

bhuvan said...

Hey fellas!! i suffer from the same shittyprob...the moment i go out of arroyo the game crashes :(...worst thing is that i m in India where Microsoft has alredy banned fallout 3.... n fallout is to me what Doom was prob. for columbine guys harris/ dylan(no pun intended).Friends if anyone comes to know what is the solutionpls mail me at bhuvanvikram@gmail.com.I'll be really grateful...... or maybe u guys can help me to find how i can play fallout 3?
thanks to all,

Anonymous said...

Hello friends!!!

I see you are having trouble with the game, and arryo so I will tell you how I got it to work. Download F2.ISO and install the 'HUMUNGOUS' installation. Now play the game until you get out of Arryo (not that hard) and put the portable crack on after, this will allow it to work perfectly without any bugs, on XP or Vista.

Anonymous said...

Any way to get this to work on computers that don't allow you to write to registry?

Duff said...

Hello again >.< i left a comment on Baldur's Gate 2, and i'm having the same problem. I don't know if this can be fixable by easy means, but i can run your portable version of Dungeon Siege, so i know it's entirely possible somehow to run it without admin rights on vista. though i'm not asking you to become a programmer and use all kinds of file editors just for me, but if you know of an easy fix, please tell me =)
Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

To fix the arroyo problem, I re-downloaded the game.


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